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Crude oil

Crude oil
Our crude oil services business includes pipelines, storage, terminals, and crude oil marketing operations. Our pipeline system primarily collects and transports crude oil to refineries, central storage terminals and connecting pipelines in our service area.

Our crude oil marketing activities generate revenue through the sale and delivery of crude oil from producers or the open market. These sales contracts are generally settle with the physical delivery of crude oil to customers.

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Our commitment to excellence and our extensive industry experience allows us to consistently deliver a quality product and exceptional customer service.

That depends on the product specification that you require and country you need it to be sent to.
Best to contact our sales team through email or a call to get more info.

Yes, we can provide storage in forms of warehouse and a bunker barge. Contact us for more information.

Our price ranges depending on the quantity and the point of delivery. The price will usually include logistics and storage of the products to be delivered to you. Contact us for more information. 

First, we would need a Letter of Intent (LOI) followed by a proof of fund. From there, we can start with discussing the terms of delivering and storing the products. However, prior to delivery, there are other documents required, such as Purchase order (P/O) for us to make a Delivery order (D/O) to proceed with the delivery.

North and South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and West Africa.

Yes. Our track record to date. All of our shipments have arrived and delivered on time. We take our work very seriously as we strive to provide excellent service to our clients.